n3xt pre-sale/pre-order F.A.Q.

These are Frequently Asked Questions for the n3xt pre-sale. For other questions check the n3xt General FAQ.

About the release

  1. What does the n3xt beta include?
    The n3xt beta will include different functionality depending on editions and underlying OS or device, but all baseline functionality should be available everywhere. Limitations per platform will generally be due to OS vendor store or testing limitations, or due to restrictions on devices (for example, iOS and UWP are fairly restrictive about what features they support).
  2. What are the differences between the various n3xt editions?
    At the moment there are two editions, Creator/Miner and Developer/Miner.

    Each edition includes an amount of Lumen (a virtual cryptocurrency defined in the Spark Protocol). Later editions and releases may also include some Lumen but the amounts will be less, a benefit early to adopters for their support. After release, we may include some amount of Lumen as a starter amount to accelerate adoption.

    The developer edition includes betas for platforms that restrict number of testers (e.g. iOS) and early access to developer features, as well as a larger pre-set amount of Lumen.
  3. What is the rough timeline for the release? 
    We are targeting a beta for early 2018. Windows versions will be slightly behind that unless there's overwhelming demand to justify affecting the schedule. Android versions are TBD. As with other things, this information may change.
  4. How are you planning to communicate with beta participants and people that pre-ordered?
    The current major channels we have planned are largely those used to get in touch with us, like:

    a) The n3xt gazette, a blog for long-form posts, design, initial specs and announcements,
    b) our discord server for realtime interactions,
    c) a mailing list for important announcements and updates,

    as well as twitter and email and other social media platforms as we set them up.

Price and payments

  1. Why is the price of the beta so high? 
    This initial pre-sale is intended for people who understand that this is a beta product, and the price is set to make sure that you pay attention and know what you're signing up for, but at the same time set so that it's not out of reach. Many developer programs are around that price for a year. However, if there is interest in a lower or different price range we will definitely evaluate that as an option.

    For people interested in mining/cryptocurrency, it's also a way to take part in the sale on an even basis with everyone else—that is, without having to worry about someone showing up earlier and buying up all the currency. This has been an issue in other virtual currency releases and we hope that by making this available to everyone (albeit at a set price) will make it easier for people to take part in the platform early on. Additionally, they will also be able to activate mining during the beta period, something that will only be available for those that pre-ordered. No doubt there may be other issues or concerns with this approach, please get in touch with us to have that conversation.
  2. So at release n3xt will cost less?
    Correct. We don't have a price range set yet, but it will be in range of competitive products. However, keep in mind that no matter what the base price of n3xt is, Lumen will be part of the platform and the product from day one and will have a cost. We also intend for people to allow exchanging Lumen within the platform beyond the basic uses dictated by the Spark Protocol. The underlying blockchain will support doing that beyond the platform as well.
  3. When will my payment be processed?
    Your payment will be processed immediately.
  4. What about refunds?
    There are no refunds, an order is considered final once placed and payment has been processed. Exceptions and special circumstances, if any, are described in the Pre-Sale Terms.