n3xt F.A.Q.

This is a general n3xt FAQ. For specific questions about the pre-sale, please check this page.


  1. What is n3xt?
    N3xt is a new experience blending calendar, contacts, email, photos, and more. We built it because we felt that software that deals with personal information has been stagnant for years, and we need new thinking, simpler workflows and software that figures out what we need instead of just showing us a long list of data items that we have to sort out for ourselves.
  2. How is it delivered?
    N3xt is an app that runs on your devices and will be (whenever possible) delivered through the App Store on each platform in order to reach the largest possible audience.
  3. What Operating Systems and devices is n3xt compatible with?
    The first version of n3xt is intended for Apple Platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS), followed by Universal Windows and finally Android. This sequence/plan may change depending on demand or other factors, such as unforeseen technical or legal roadblocks (we don't see any right now, but you never know).

    In terms of devices, n3xt will generally be compatible with the previous generation of devices, running the latest OS. There will be some features restricted to specific devices, such as Augmented Reality (AR) on iOS, since ARKit is not supported on all the devices that can run iOS 11.
  4. What is the rough timeline for the release? 
    We are targeting a beta for Apple Platforms in 2019. Windows versions will be slightly behind that unless there's overwhelming demand to justify affecting the schedule. Android versions are TBD. As with other things, this information may change.