A new experience blending calendar, contacts, email, photos, and more.

Your information in context, on any device, outside the cloud.

less is more

Same data, less clutter, more information
Before n3xt

A test dataset for a user including emails, calendar, contacts, and files, with some of today's dominant apps.

After n3xt

The same dataset, with one of n3xt's (alpha) summary views. (some names blurred for privacy reasons)

EASY To Setup

Important features to give you peace of mind


All data is stored in your own devices — No need to sign up for yet another service!


Built-in with the ability to exchange data with the cloud services you already use.


A consistent experience across devices, displays, and input modes.

a distributed platform

for creators, designers, and developers


Use themepacks created by others, or create your own. Go beyond just colors using 3D objects, materials, and lights.

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It's a P2P-enabled client side app, but it supports modules, plugins, and a REST API. Wait, a REST API? Really? Yep. Really.

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under the hood

There's more to n3xt than meets the eye.


Implementing the Spark Protocol, based on blockchain technology, n3xt solves the problem of spam and abuse once and for all.


We believe that when apps and services implement open systems everyone wins. With n3xt, your data stays with you.


Designed from the bottom up to support multiple modes of display and interaction, n3xt can be with you from mobile all the way to VR and AR.

Watch the teaser "Future"